Smile Gallery

We invite you to take a look at just a few of the transformations Allen Family Dentistry has made possible.

Case 1

In this case, take home bleaching, one cast post-and-core, three anterior crowns, and one posterior crown were utilized to make up the beautiful changes.  This U.S. Navy patient and his wife were thrilled with his new smile!

Case 2

In this case, a military working dog- “Admiral” Dollar- broke off one of his canine teeth and needed a root canal. After the U.S. Army Veterinarian put the dog under anesthesia, Dr. Chelsea Allen completed the root canal just like she does on human teeth. While in dental school, both doctor Allens took a Zoo Dentistry elective class at the Louisville Zoo. They had the opportunity to work on a polar bear and a snow leopard’s teeth!

Case 3

In this case, the patient was the wife of an US Navy sailor in Japan. In order to stabilize her dentition, we utilized one re-treatment of a root canal, four cast post and cores, five anterior crowns, one posterior crown, and upper and lower removable flexible Valplast partial dentures. The patient is planning to get dental implants in the future to take the place of her removable partial dentures but is very happy with the results so far.

Case 4

In this case, the patient had a very large bony defect from a previous extraction and an anterior cross bite. Traditional metal orthodontic braces, enamel stripping (tooth re-contouring) and a three unit all porcelain bridge were utilized to achieve this smile makeover.

Case 5

In this case, one re-treatment of a root canal, one cast post and core, six anterior crowns, and four composite veneers were utilized to make up these amazing results.

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